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Article written by Michael Flynn.

Top 5 Bookmakers For Beginners, in this guide we have put together the best bookmakers for not only beginners but also seasoned professionals. There are so many online bookies and finding the right one for you is very important.

Best bookie offers for beginners is a guide where we have put together the best offers from the best bookmakers. Sign up bonuses are a way for bookies to entice new customers, but which sign up bonuses are the best?

Top 18 Sports Betting Tips For Beginners is a guide on the pitfalls for newbie punters. We have put together the best tips and advice for betting online. Some of the points might be common sense, however not everyone will know these!

Betting Odds Explained Guide is a very simplictic look at how betting odds work and how bookmakersprice up events. Understanding odds is very important if you are placing bets as you will need to know how much money you might get back.

Opening a Betting Account explains how you open a betting account for the first time and what to look out for. Bookmakers make it very easy to open an account but there are things to look out for.

Top 4 Betting Sites for Live Streaming has been put together so you can watch live sport for free without the need for a pay TV subscription. It also makes sense to watch the sport you are betting on.

Odds Creation, how do bookmakers compile their odds? in this guide we will look at the many factors that are involved in bookies choosing the odds for an event.

The Betting Exchange Guide is for beginners to betting exchanges, here we have put together a guide on what betting exchanges are which ones to use.

The Football Betting Guide has all the common markets you can bet on football. The markets are clearly explained and are a great reference until you become more confident.

The Tennis Betting Guide is a page to see the different tennis betting markets. Perhaps you have not bet on tennis before but wish to understand the terms better.

The Rugby Betting Guide is a guide on the rugby betting markets, understand which market means whilst you bet on rugby.

Guide to Mobile Betting has been put together through great demand as smart phones are becoming a very easy way to place a bet. Find out which bookmakers have the best mobile betting applications.

Asian Handicap Betting Guide is a comprehensive guide of how asian handicaps work. There are many examples and a table for you to use any time you neet it.

Types of Bet Guide has been put together to illustrate the many different types of bet you can place. In reality there are thousands however we have put together the most common.

The Horse Racing Guide is our most used resource on the site and has a very useful list of horse racing bet explanations. Need to know what happens if your horse pulls out or there is a rule 4 deduction? This is the guide for you.

E-Wallets are very useful for transfering money between betting accounts quickly, when you withdraw using a debit card the money can take up to five days to hit your bank account. You can withdraw to an E-Wallet account and receive the money in hours. This is a guide of the best E-Wallets to use.

Top 10 Football Accumulator Tips is a great way to learn how to be more successful with your selections. These tips are second to none and will increase your chances of winning.

Best Bookmakers For Horse Racing Betting is a guide that has been put together to see what you should be looking out for if betting on racing.


How To Bet On Horses – Top 12 Horse Betting Tips And Guide