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Top 10 Football Accumulator Tips

By Michael Flynn, Aug 29 2013 03:50AM

We have all been in that situation where our football accumulator has lost by one result, a cheeky couple of quid could have turned into hundreds, but it didn’t! Next week selections will surely come in, won’t they?

Probably not, the football accumulator is one of those frustrating bets that week in week out will disappoint. So what’s the point? Well, when you win, you win big! Not only that, it makes a whole bunch of fixtures suddenly become very important. Watching Sky Sports News will never be so intense ( unless Chris Kamara is commentating).

The last medium to big winning football accumulator I had was almost a year ago, I placed £10 on six Premier League matches winning £4290 (picture below). Since this win I have had several smaller wins, but the big ones always seem to just miss out!

I would much rather place a couple of quid on a accumulator with seven or more fixtures, then play the national lottery. Adding excitement and the possibility of winning thousands makes a Saturday afternoon an event you look forward to.

Bookmakers like punters placing accumulators, quite simply because it makes them money. They know that the majority of bets will lose and they do. It’s not a secret that placing an accumulator is a mugs game, but there are ways to increase your chances of winning. Also there are ways to increase your winnings, which will help you in the long run.

Below are my top ten football accumulator tips:

1. Don’t pick teams by their odds

It can be hard not to look at the odds when making your selections, as the bigger the odds the more you win. But this will just sway your thinking and you need to pick the result you think will occur.

2. Take out the very low odds matches

There is no point in having a match with low odds, it won’t increase your winnings by much. As upsets do regularly happen you could lose out because you wanted a few extra quid.

3. Don’t add too many teams

The more teams you add the lessor your chances of winning become. It’s quite a simple concept, but once you go over 10 teams you are really in dream land.

4. Add draws to your accumulator

Don’t forget that not every game finishes in a team winning or losing, draws do happen and are often better value.

5. Don’t add the team you support

Your heart will always dictate the selection you make. Keeping emotions out of betting is a very good idea.

6. Use a bookmaker with decent odds

Once you start to multiply odds together as you do in football accumulators you can end up with some huge figures. Picking the bookmaker with the best odds will help you win a lot more money, this can mean the difference between thousands of pounds. I recommend Bet365 as they have top odds.

7. Use a bookmaker with specific accumulator bonuses

8. Don’t pick a mid-day kick off.

If your mid-day selection loses that will ruin the rest of the afternoon. Happened to me a few times and I vowed never to pick a mid-day kick off again.

9. Avoid Local Derbys

Local Derbys are usually very unpredictable and anything can happen. Of course anything can happen in any game, but just look at the results for Tottenham v Arsenal in the last few years.

10. Do your research

Research will always play a vital role in picking winners, knowing who is injured and who will be dropped can be vital. The weather conditions may hinder a certain team or maybe a team always loses at certain ground?

I hope these tips can help you out in your future football accumulators, please send us any winning screenshots and we will publish them on the site.

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Bets Bookmaker for football accumulator:

Bet365 - click here

Aug 30 2013 04:56PM by Harry Redders

Really useful tips there!

Dec 22 2014 11:20AM by chance of winnings in the betting

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Apr 30 2015 10:43AM by Misha


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Sep 17 2016 01:52PM by Ryan Biles

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