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Top 5 Bookmakers For Beginners

By Michael Flynn, Feb 16 2013 03:08AM

I often get asked which bookmaker is the best and for what reason. Now this might seem like a simple enough question, however this answer can vary for numerous reasons. Each and every bookmaker will have their good and bad points, you need to find the balance which suits you.

For the purpose of this article I will give my opinion on the Top 5 bookmakers for beginners, feel free to add comments below if you agree or disagree. I use the bookmakers below and will give the reasons why.

As a beginner you will most likely be looking for the following factors:

( Not in order of importance)

A well known brand.

Of course well known brands are not always the best, however I prefer to have my money in an outfit that has been around a while and I can trust.

An easy to use interface.

There is nothing worse than logging onto a bookies website and not being able to place a bet due to the interface being slow, unresponsive or difficult to navigate. Make sure you try out the site before you make a hefty deposit and also check out the mobile version if you are going to place a bet on the move ( mobile betting guide).

Cover the sports which you would like to bet on.

This might sound daft, but not all bookmakers will cover all sports. Some are UK facing, some will cater to the European market. If you want to bet on American Football, make sure that the bookie covers American Football!

Generous initial bonus.

It is always nice to have a free bet and the bigger the freebie the better, right? Well, not always as you have to be careful of the terms and conditions of the freebie. Not much point having a huge bonus which you can't withdraw. Make sure to check the terms involved in the free bet.

Ongoing promotions.

I look heavily into ongoing promotions and how generous they are. These ongoing promotions can really boost your betting balance. I often add the latest promotions on my betting blog, good idea to subscribe to the rss feed.

***Have a look at the best bookie offers for beginners***

Live streaming.

I tend not to use live streaming as I bet mainly on sports that are on TV, however if you don't have SKY or the sport is not on TV, Live Streaming is a real positive.

Competitive odds.

You need to use a bookie that provides competitive odds, over the course of a season you could be hundreds if not thousands better off using better odds. The bookies below all offer good odds.

Quick cash out wallet system.

Receiving my winnings in a quick and timely fashion is one of my top priorities, bookmakers are not banks and I do not like them earning interest off me.

Responsive customer service.

If I have a problem I want it sorted in a professional way. May not be right all the time, but a quick response is much appreciated.

These are all great points and perhaps some are more important than others, I would not touch a bookie with a poor reputation on paying out. You definitely do not want to be waiting for your winnings! I also mainly look out for ongoing promotions, these offers are essential to boosting my winnings and are key to staying in profit.

The top 5 bookmakers in my opinion are listed below:

1. Bet365

. Click here to visit bet365.

3. Coral

Coral are an extremely well known brand and have been around since 1926, they have numerous shops where you can place bets if you can't reach a computer or have a rubbish smartphone.

Coral offer a great £20 sign up bonus for new customers and weekly money back specials for existing customers. I like using Coral and always keep an eye out for their special offers, most of which I post on the special offers blog.

I have found that the customer service for Coral is second to none, and in this day and age is a quality I admire.

click here to visit Coral.


Limited markets, ok if your markets are covered.

4. Betfred

Betfred is a bookmaker that I use on a regular basis, mainly for horse racing. They offer some prices on UK horse racing and look to be improving on that with the recent accusition of the Tote.

They have a generous £30 sign up bonus and have great ongoing promotions for existing customers. The most famous recent promotions are the double delight and hatrick heaven. With the double delight and Hatrick Heaven you can really bump up your winnings, although you can get better odds elsewhere for those bets.

Click here to visit Betfred


Can get better odds elsewhere - although they do have competitive odds for horse racing.

Click here to go to the betting guide.

Feb 16 2013 08:50PM by Stevie

Top advice there, would defo second bet365 as the best bookie. The others are good but don't come close. Also I had my account at Betfred closed for just betting on their special offers, becareful not to abuse offers! Stevie

Feb 16 2013 09:40PM by London Lad

I have only just got into betting online, for many years I walked into a deeply depressing bookies on a deserted high street. It does make it a lot easier and who can complain with a free bet. Never even heard of BetVictor until I came to this site, cheers.

Feb 16 2013 09:51PM by John Smith the 2nd

do you have to take the £200 bonus for bet365 or can you get say £100 bonus? thanks in advance.

Feb 16 2013 11:17PM by Michael Flynn

You do not have to take the full £200 bonus, if you deposit £100 you will get a £100 bonus.

Feb 19 2013 12:45PM by Gaz

Top stuff! Cheers Michael.

Mar 12 2013 09:22PM by Michael Flynn

For Cheltenham, Coral are offering a better £60 bonus offer, go to the free bets page for the link.

Jun 22 2013 12:58PM by Neil

Thanks for the in-depth guides on this site, really does help out.

Jun 27 2013 06:47PM by Sonny

I love the paddy power money back specials!

Nov 16 2014 08:43PM by Lester Edward

I like how this sounds but would like to really learn . I don't even know what know what a point spread means .

Nov 18 2016 09:22AM by SMART BETTING

greate article

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