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Full Time Result Betting Guide

The Full Time Result or 1x2 Bet is the most commonly placed football bet. This bet will be decided at the end of normal time, e.g after 90 minutes have been played plus injury time. Extra time does not count so if the match finishes as a draw and goes to extra time the draw is the result for the full time result bet.


You have three options:


Home also known as 1.


Draw also known as x.


Away also known as 2.




Man Utd v Liverpool


Man Utd are the home home team and Liverpool are the away team.


In the full time result market you can place a bet on Man Utd to win, Liverpool to win or a draw.


If you pick Man Utd to win and the game finishes 0-0 you will lose your bet. If Liverpool win 0-1 you will lose your bet. If Man Utd win you will win your bet.


Remember that extra time does not count.


Where should I place a full time result bet?


Th majority of bookmakers will accept bets on Full Time Result betting, however you need to find a bookmaker that has the best odds. Also you need a bookmaker that covers the league you want to bet on. I have put together a best bookmaker guide which goes through the best bookmakers.


Click here to return to the football betting guide.



If you would like to test the market out you cannot go wrong with a free £10 no deposit bet from SKYBET. You do not need to add any of your own money and can have a real bet.


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Article written by Michael Flynn

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Article written by Michael Flynn.