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Guide to Mobile Betting

With the recent uptake in mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, the betting industry has developed software so you can bet on the go. There are many reasons why you would want to bet on your phone or tablet, the most obvious being the fact you might not be near a betting shop or desktop computer. It is also a lot easier to get your phone out of your pocket and place a bet.


The only down side is that your phone or tablet will generally have a small screen and will not have the functionality of a regular computer. This is where the bookmakers come in and develop a user friendly app or mobile website.


Below we will go through the current best mobile betting apps and what you should be looking out for. Remember you will need to look out for the following:


Ease of use of the betting app.

Free bets on offer.

Competitive odds.


Cover the sports you bet on.

Cover the markets you bet on.


We highly recommend you sign up on a laptop/desktop computer as it can be fidly typing in your details, once the account is set up there is no problem just using the app! Click on the pictures below to enlarge them.



2. Betfred - Click here to go to Betfred

Ease of use of the betting app - Very easy to use.

Free bets on offer - £50 sign up bonus.

Competitive odds - Good for Horse racing.

Limits - Medium to high.

Cover the sports you bet on - Mainly UK based.

Cover the markets you bet on - Have a look round.

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Article written by Michael Flynn.