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Tennis betting guide

Tennis betting can be very exciting especially inplay where the odds change at a very fast pace.


Below are some of the markets you can bet on:



Match Betting


Pick the winner of the match. check with the bookmaker in the event of a player retiring.


First Set Winner


Pick the winner of the first set.


Set Betting (Correct Score)


Pick the correct set score of the match. e.g 3-2 would mean your player has to win 3 sets and lose 2 sets in the match.


Total Games


Pick how many games will be played in the match. This could be over/under( over 21.5) or in ranges( 18-22 or 23-26 etc).


Total Sets


Pick how many sets will be played.


Tie break played


Will there be a tie break in the match.


Tournament Winner


Pick the player who will win the tournament.

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Article written by Michael Flynn.