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Types of bet

Wanting to place a bet on a football game or a tennis match, But getting confused on what all the different terms mean?


Make sure you read the terms of the bet you are placing as the outcome may be different to what you expected.


Below is a list of common bets and what they mean:-

A win bet is a very simple bet and it involves you betting on something to win, for example, a tennis player to win a tennis match.


If the odds of Murray to win a match was 1/1 decimal 2, and you placed £10 on it, the returns if he won would be £20.


Each way

An Each-way bet is two bets, one bet is a win bet like above and the second is a place bet. The place bet is like a back up if your selection does not win but comes close.


£25 E/W means you will be betting £50. £25 on your selection to win and £25 on a place (could be if it finishes 1,2 or 3rd. Depends on the market rules). Check the rules before you place a bet!


A multiple is one bet where you are selecting several options to happen and they must all win.


2 selections would be a double, both selections must win.

3 selections would be a treble, all 3 selections must win.

4 selections would be a four-fold, all 4 selections must win.

Horse racing bets

Examples of horse racing bets.

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A Place bet produces a return only if the selection finishes first or within a predetermined number of positions (places) of the winner of an event. The return would be a fixed proportion of the win odds.

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Article written by Michael Flynn.